[kde-solaris] kde 3.5 question, and k3b question

Tim Smith tim.smith at degreec.com
Mon Jul 24 22:32:02 CEST 2006

By "cleanly" I guess I mean "normally" ... for example, just cp'ing over 
the binaries and trying to run them manually from a "failsafe login" 
would -not- be a "clean" method ;-)

bash-3.00$ cfgadm -l
Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant     
c0                             scsi-bus     connected    configured   
c2                             scsi-bus     connected    unconfigured 
usb0/1                         usb-kbd      connected    configured   ok
usb0/2                         usb-mouse    connected    configured   ok
usb0/3                         unknown      empty        unconfigured ok
usb0/4                         usb-device   connected    configured   ok

I'm guessing that usb0/3 is the CD-R, and im guessing from how it showed 
up that I may be out of luck?


Darin Perusich wrote:

>what do you mean by "cleanly run 3.5"? i'm currently running an older
>version of the blastwave KDE, 3.3.1 on solaris 9 without any problems.
>can you see the USB device when running 'cfgadm -l'?
>Tim Smith wrote:
>>If its possible, what is generally the "easy" way to run kde 3.5 on 
>>I'm currently on solaris 10 6/06 on a sunblade1000 using the blastwave 
>>gcc-kde, and AM willing to wipe my system or whatever else is needed to 
>>"cleanly" run 3.5
>>I've got sun studio 10 installed with/at its defaults.
>>Also, about K3B ... what are the chances that I'll be able to make K3B 
>>work, on my SB1000, with a USB cd-r drive? Specifically an HP8200 usb cd 
>>writer. I've googled and not found much.
>>-Tim Smith
>>IT Administrator
>>Degree Controls, INC
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