[kde-solaris] K3B and cdrecord using the wrong device ID

Mikael Dalsgard mikaeld at online.no
Mon Jan 23 13:17:32 CET 2006


I am using the latest 3.4.3 Sun Studio build of KDE on a laptop with a 

When using K3B, the configuration states that it recognises the 
reader/burner. But it still fails. When trying to burn, it just 
complains about wrong media and prompts for the insertion of a proper 
CD-R/-RW. And whatever I do it can't proceed.

A probable cause might be found if I try to wipe/delete a CD-RW. It too 
fails, but offer the choice of looking at the debug. And if I do that, 
it reveals a cdrecord error message when it tries to access the device 
at SCSI id 0,0,0.
And indeed; looking at the configuration of K3B, I see that the writer 
device is detected as "/dev/rsr0 (0,0,0)".

If I run cdrecord (either the one in /usr/bin, or the one provided by
Stefan in /opt/fsw4sun/bin) manually with '-scanbus', it detects the
device at 1,0,0! When using this device I can successfully both blank a
disc and write an iso image. So this is the correct address for the

Has anyone else experienced this, and why is this happening? Anything 
which can be done to rectify the error?
For now I just use K3B to create the image or whatever, and then I burn 
the final file to CD manually.

  now is the only thing that is real

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