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Adrian Murillo MURILLA1 at WESTAT.com
Thu Feb 16 03:54:40 CET 2006


Thanks so much for all your help.. installing en_US-UTF-8 made thediference, it installed (even though it tooks a day to figure out how :-/) Thanks Stefan for all your help. With you pointers on how intall it made it easier...

I am typing this message from KDE!!!!

\Maybe someone else can benfit from this...

I had the set of CD's and the DVD's Solaris 3/05 but just running the actual installer on each CD and  the DVD did not find the packages I needed, I even install the lenguages from the 5th CD (lenguages CD) and did not make the difference, so this is what I did...

I find out that Solaris 10 is using the command 'localeadm' insted to add loales  (man localeadm)...

So, I used the DVD:

To find out what lecale I have installed I used   #loclae -l

(at this time I only had POSIX)

To install using the DVD what I needed to type is:
#localeadm -a en_US -d //cdrom/sol_10_106_sparc/S0/Solaris_10/Product/

If I dont use the actual path it does not find anything on the DVD... so after running the command started installing everithing dor North America locale (nam)...

At the end of it I run (Like you mentioned) the command mkdrlogin:
#/opt/kde-3.4.3/bin/mkdtlogin -b /usr -l en_US

It created the appropiate directury under /usr/dr/config/ and its subdirectories...

I rebooted, reset screen using en_US  (now I can see many to chose form :-)) and the kde 3.4.3 appears there, I can login just fine!!!

Thanks sooooo much!! it looks GREAT!!!  really nice job.....

I thank you for your time on helping me.


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