[kde-solaris] Installation questions

Adrian Murillo MURILLA1 at WESTAT.com
Wed Feb 15 02:36:16 CET 2006

OK, thanks!!
I still have this problem I cant make the dtlogin to appear:
I wrote:
I installed it ona Blade 100 running Sol 3/05.
But I have a question, I just installed all the packages without a
problem, they all installed OK (expect for one small error that gave me
a partial fail error on cups - under KDEkderequired package - even
though I downloaded the same package 3 times, I don't think is that
critical...) - and follow the DTLOGIN installation step by step and I
cant see the option to login to KDE, no matter what I do I cant seem to
get it right, can you helped me?
Like I said, everything is installed; I need the way to get in...

As a note:
Under the directions to install DTLOGIN it reads that:
mkdtlogin does not create the necessary directory tree, so I found the
directory tree under /usr/dt/config/C and copied them to .../en_US.UTF-8
where the only directory in there was Xresources.d

I am not sure what to do with the startup files under

I think I am stock at this point, any suggestions?

Sorry, I not a guru on Solaris I am learning and I like KDE for desktop
so please be patient.. ;-/




From: Stefan Teleman [mailto:steleman at nyc.rr.com]
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Subject: Re: [kde-solaris] Installation questions

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 11:13, Adrian Murillo wrote:
> Another note:
> The exact error that I got when installing KDEkderequired package
> is (just in case):
> ERROR: content verification of
> </opt/fsw4sun/cups-1.1.23/etc/cups/cert/0> failed
>     file cksum <1948> expected <1908> actual

This is my packaging mess-up -- this error is actually completely
harmless, because this file /opt/fsw4sun/cups-1.1.23/etc/cups/cert/0
gets recreated every time cups starts up. i normally remove it from
the package, but this time around i forgot. so, if KDEkderequired-343
installed fine, you're ok.


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