[kde-solaris] dcopserver statup problem and /tmp/.ICE-unix

Avi Schwartz kde-solaris at cfftechnologies.com
Sun Feb 12 02:26:13 CET 2006

Stefan Teleman wrote:

> On Saturday 11 February 2006 19:49, Avi Schwartz wrote:
>>> Is this a Blastwave related question ?
>> It is a KDE related question.  The build is the Blastwave build.
> And the build doesn't handle this particular problem correctly, which 
> a known problem, and has been known for years.
> There are three directories under /tmp which need to have their 
> permissions set correctly by the startup script:
> /tmp/.ICE-unix
> /tmp/.X11-unix
> /tmp/.X11-pipe
I will do that, thank you. I am a bit confused here. You asked if this 
is the Blastwave build. Is there more then one KDE-Solaris build and if 
there is, how do they differ?


Avi Schwartz

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