[kde-solaris] Bug in cvs from KDEkderequired-343

Mikael Dalsgard mikaeld at online.no
Wed Apr 26 12:33:30 CEST 2006


There seems to a bug in the cvs included in the KDE required package from 
the Sun Studio build of KDE 3.4.3.

Looks like it interprets the first parameter (the cvs command) as both a 
command and a file name to operate on! Example:

cvs status file-a.txt

This will try to do a status on both a file called 'status' (which 
obviously fails) and on a file named 'file-a.txt'. Other cvs commands 
behave in the same way.

I tested the same thing/setup with the cvs from Blastwave (1.11.21, I 
think), and that one did what it was expected to do. So my CVS setup seems 
to be in order.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

73 de Mikael Dalsgard
        NOW is the only thing that is real

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