[kde-solaris] dcoprefs.h

Sergio Serge.Coche at free.fr
Fri Oct 28 03:21:17 CEST 2005

Stefan Teleman a écrit :

>Unfortunately Rosegarden also depends on Jack and ALSA and there's no port to 
>Solaris of these right now ... or am i wrong, can it be built without ALSA 
>and Jack ? :-D
I readed that the team will to consider a future implementation with 
Jack only ; the best for us will be any strict sun implementation, as 
akode seems to make, if i good understand, but...

At this day, the Rosegarden package maintain an old (2002) aRTs 
implementation. I discovered that this old implementation can always 
work, and works fine : only by me the sequencer don't receive the "done" 
signal for each note, this means that all notes are played infinitely 
and simultaneous...

I think that, before to learn strictly this problem, the first thing is 
to get a whole chain (Qt.......Rosegarden) builded with the same compiler.

1) native Solaris 10 kde : SUNWspro (free) or gcc won't recognize qt-mt, 
builded with Forte ; same problem with your precompiled packages, 
unfortunately ;

2) kde-gcc (Ken Maith) + Rosegarden gcc : the sequencer won't connect to 
DCOP (gcc version ?) ;

3) kde-gcc + Rosegarden (sequencer with SUNWspro, GUI with g++ :-D , 
yes, that is possible : configure accepts, recognize qt-mt, builds the 
first part with cc, the second with g++) :  with this strange build, i 
can connect the sequencer to DCOP, play notes, but no synchronization 
with the GUI and no "done" signal.

4) all SUNWspro (the best way) : done for kde, of course, but a lot of 
work to adapt Rosegarden.

5) all gcc/g++ : done for kde, i'm also sure that Rosegarden will 
compile, after that i will see if it connect to DCOP or not : if yes, if 
i get still the synchronization or not.

Hope that all can be understand, seems complex, but i think really that 
Rosegarden can be used on Solaris...



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