[kde-solaris] aKode support for Solaris

Sergio Serge.Coche at free.fr
Fri Oct 28 02:05:15 CEST 2005

Allan Sandfeld Jensen a écrit :

>I've updated aKode to improve support for Solaris machines, but I need some 
>testing to see how well it works.
>Please download aKode from http://carewolf.com/akode/akode-2.0b4.tar.gz 
>and test if it compiles and configures correctly on Solaris, and akodeplay can 
>autodetect Sun Audio out and play.
_SUNWspro  (free, not Forte) :_

configure : OK

build :

"volumefilter.h", line 31: Error: Multiple declaration for frame.

_gcc-3.4.4 :_

configure : OK

build : OK (also all sinks)

install : OK

usage : could not load sun-sink ; could not load sink-plugin : sun.

- my /dev/audio is right, all akode libraries present, but :

1) i don't know exactly akode ;
2) i tried only one file (a midi file) ;
3) i don't installed it in my actual working kde directory (risk of 
conflict with my existing akode support...), but simply in /usr/local ;

I think that i missed anything...

Hope that even helps...



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