[kde-solaris] StarOffice 8: no context menus

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Thu Oct 20 18:19:22 CEST 2005

I am (still) running Stefan Teleman's 3.3.1 distribution on Solaris 8,
and recently installed the trial version of StarOffice 8. It works fine,
except for one thing: there are no pop-up menus. If I right-click
anywhwere, I see a most likely rectangular area around the cursor
flashing briefly, but no menu appears. This worked fine with StarOffice 7.
Could this be a KDE-specific problem? Any ideas?

Other than that the desktop integration that is installed as part of
the StarOffice installation (in /usr/share/applications), probably
intended for Sun's own Gnome, works fine under KDE, after I threw out
all my own config stuff that accumulated over the years.

Roman Maeder

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