[kde-solaris] qt on solaris

李先波 lixb at sznari.com
Wed Nov 23 10:06:08 CET 2005

 oh, this not what i wanted,but first i want to build a platform that I can work on it,which 
qt is 3.3.4,and kdevelop is 3.2.3.at last i will turn to gcc.it's hard to me to modify  qt ./configure 
to use gcc.
> If you have built QT with SunStudio CC you also have to build all
> of the KDE-apps with SunStudio CC.
> This is because the C++ ABI of GNU g++ is different from that of 
> SunStudio CC.
> To build a QT-library with thread support you have to add -thread to the 
> list of options for configure.

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