[kde-solaris] DVD Playing Works

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Wed Nov 9 03:24:03 CET 2005

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 18:47, Mirko Raner wrote:
> That is awesome! Great job! Finally, DVDs on Solaris :-)
> My question, though: I have 3.4.1 installed and it took me quite a while
> to tune everything to my liking, so I was wondering, do I have to kick
> out 3.4.1 completely and install 3.4.3 from scratch, or could I also get
> DVD support, by, let's say, updating Kaffeine, Xine, and maybe a few
> shared libraries?


the bad news:
you have to upgrade the big huge KDErequired blob. this is because i have 
added a lot of new libs (quicktime, avi, transcode), and fixed quite a few 
things in existing ones, and libxine depends on quicktime, a52, avi and the 
libdvd* group.

the good news:
i will verify that Kaffeine in 3.4.1 works with the new libxine 1.1.0. if it 
does not (which is kind of likely that it doesn't), i can easily repackage 
Kaffeine for 3.4.1 and link it against the new libxine 1.1.0, that should be 
all that is needed for Kaffeine. so you won't have to erase 3.4.1 (3.4.3 
installs in its own tree, and does not overwrite anything).

the better news:
there are lots and lots of fixes, improvements and additions in the required 
libs, and in KDE 3.4.3 per se (K3B! :-).

i am painfully aware that the current packaging is painful, and so is the 
source patches delivery method. i have serious plans for
1. buying licenses for Install Anywhere, and packaging KDE, and the required 
libs that way.
2. renting online space and making the entire source available for download 
from SVN that way. this should make the source code patching easier (the 
entire source tree patched for SunProCC will be available).

but i won't be able to do any of this before early next year. :-(


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