[kde-solaris] Update on Blastwave's KDE 3.4.3

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 02:27:09 CET 2005

As of today,

You should be able to pull down the latest packages
of 'pkg-get -i kde_gcc' in which you should be able to

use many features of KDE. 

Check to see if you have qt_gcc 3.3.5 installed
afterwards. If you do, please remove it and install
qt_gcc 3.3.4 from the stable branch - this will be
fixed soon (I hope). You will have kdebase REV
2005.10.27 if everything goes well.

A lot of past issues and problems should be fixed as I
am providing support for Solaris 8/9/10/11 with KDE

This also addresses these issues:

genkdmconf command

~ Ken Mays


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