[kde-solaris] Re: kde-solaris Digest, Vol 26, Issue 4

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 14:15:10 CEST 2005

> Thanks everyone for the replies, but as I have said
> a search of the system 
> shows that the library  libkdeui.so.4 is nowhere on
> the system, so setting 
> the library path is not the issue.
> Here is how I searched:
> # find / -name libkdeui* -print
> #
> It is my understanding that libkdeui is part of
> kdelib_gcc
> bash-3.00# pkg-get -i kdelibs_gcc
> No worries... you already have version 3.3.1 of
> kdelibs_gcc
> If you doubt this message, run 'pkg-get -U', then
> run
>  'pkg-get upgrade kdelibs_gcc'
> As for keeping kdebase_gcc up to date... 
> bash-3.00# pkg-get -i kdebase_gcc
> No worries... you already have version
> 3.3.1,REV=2005.05.13 of kdebase_gcc
> If you doubt this message, run 'pkg-get -U', then
> run
>  'pkg-get upgrade kdebase_gcc'
> The mirror I used was:

Yes, but the library is there:

I just rechecked both SPARC/x86 packages and the files
are there. Did you pkgrm CSWkdelibsgcc and redo the
pkg-get -i kdelibs_gcc ? I wouldn't do a "find / -name
libkdeui* -print" since that takes a long time to
search. Also, depending on your OS you may get this

"# find . -name libkdeui* -print
find: bad option libkdeui.so
find: path-list predicate-list"

Just do this after a successful install of
1. cd /opt/csw/kde-gcc/lib
2. find . -name libkdeui.so.4.2.0 -print
3. result: "./libkdeui.so.4.2.0"

I just uninstalled and reinstalled the packages from
ibiblio, so they work.

Ken Mays

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