[kde-solaris] Re: kde-solaris Digest, Vol 26, Issue 2

Matt matt at atempleton.net
Sat May 21 17:18:58 CEST 2005

On Saturday 21 May 2005 06:08 am, ken mays wrote:


> >
> > Check environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
> > This variable must contain all path, such as
> > /opt/kde-3.4.0/lib, where exists
> > library need for KDE.
> > Folder with installed KDE also contain subfolder
> > ./lib, which must be included
> > in LD_LIBRARY_PATH too.
> > In your case you need command "find / -name
> > libkdeui.so.4", and including this
> > folder in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Good idea including
> > "export
> > LD_LIBRARY_PATH=bla-bla-bla" in startup script of
> > KDM
> >
> > PS: Sorry for my bad english.
> >
> > Stanislav Lakhtin.


> Then, set up your library path to:
> /opt/csw/kde-gcc/lib:/opt/csw/lib:...(blah-blah)
> This would help check your situation. Make sure you
> have the latest kdebase.

Thanks everyone for the replies, but as I have said a search of the system 
shows that the library  libkdeui.so.4 is nowhere on the system, so setting 
the library path is not the issue.

Here is how I searched:

# find / -name libkdeui* -print

It is my understanding that libkdeui is part of kdelib_gcc

bash-3.00# pkg-get -i kdelibs_gcc
No worries... you already have version 3.3.1 of kdelibs_gcc
If you doubt this message, run 'pkg-get -U', then run
 'pkg-get upgrade kdelibs_gcc'

As for keeping kdebase_gcc up to date... 

bash-3.00# pkg-get -i kdebase_gcc
No worries... you already have version 3.3.1,REV=2005.05.13 of kdebase_gcc
If you doubt this message, run 'pkg-get -U', then run
 'pkg-get upgrade kdebase_gcc'

The mirror I used was:


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