[kde-solaris] No menu items under kde 3.4.0

Albertson, Brett brett.albertson at stratech.com
Mon Mar 28 21:44:49 CEST 2005

I'm having a very weird problem with KDE 3.4.0.  I compiled everything myself on Solaris 10 for x86 with the supplied gcc (/usr/sfw/bin/gcc).  If I login as root, everything is fine.  If I login as a normal user, I have no menu items, and none can be added.  I can run programs manually, but can't get the menus to be populated.  Since it runs correctly as root, I'm assuming it is a permissions issue.  I've made sure that /tmp/.* is owned by root and set to permissions 1777.  I've also made a few of the keys binaries in /usr/local/kde/bin setuid.  Any ideas?

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