[kde-solaris] KDE 3.41 on Solaris 8 - Half working

Andrew Kemp Andrew.Kemp at wolfsonmicro.com
Thu Jul 21 16:38:40 CEST 2005

Hi all,
I am a KDE newbie - I have suffered CDE for so many years I have grown
to quite like it.... but time for change.
Anyway, I installed the latest KDE 3.41 using pkg-get from Blastwave and
am accessing KDE using X-Win32 from a Windows XP box. The backend is a
SUN Sparc Solaris 2.8 V440. I am able to get an XDMCP session and log
in, the desktop is created correctly, but
1. The programs menu is empty
2. None of the 'configure' menu options do anything e.g. configure
desktop etc.
3. I can start apps OK from the "Run" menu option, so konsole is
functional although again the "Configure Konsole" dialog does not
I am sure there is something simple I have not set, but any pointers
would be appreciated.
Andy Kemp
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