[kde-solaris] what have i done wrong?

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jan 27 01:51:46 CET 2005

i don't think you did anything wrong. :-) it's just it will be 
extremely difficult for me to try to help without knowing a little 
more specifics. for starters:

- did you patch anything (even with GCC some patching is necessary)
- are the executables picking up the right libraries from the right 
directory trees (in case you have several different versions of the 
same library in different spots on your system)
- did you notice compiler warnings flying by in xterm when you were 
- can you run anything inside KDE (does it even start)
- do you see complaints in the KDE error log file, and if so, what are 
- did you by any chance read the installation instructions from the 
KDE 3.3.1 releases (there are several tricky things which need to be 
configured, independent of the compiler you use in building)

the first thing i see in your post which gives me a first hint: do not 
build QT or KDE with Xrender enabled -- it causes problems.



On Monday 24 January 2005 11:34, Chris McCraw wrote:
> so, i spent the last 2 weeks building kde-3.3.2 and all of its
> dependencies with gcc on solaris.  unfortunately, it thoroughly
> fails to work--i get a ton of crashes, segfaults, and just plain
> dysfunction.  starting up a kde session (via startx), kdeinit kind
> of works, in that my x session doesn't fall back to a console
> prompt, but kde doesn't start--tons of debugging output fly by
> including notification of lots of crashes.  running "konsole"
> from a non-kde session segfaults.  and so forth.  so before i
> start pestering you with pages of debug output and backtraces,
> i thought i'd do a sanity check on my environment in case there
> are some gotchas i should be aware of.

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