[kde-solaris] ld error in compiling kdevelop on Solaris

Mats Rojestal mats.rojestal at bredband.net
Mon Jan 17 17:04:03 CET 2005

That's correct Chris, Binutils 2.14 did not work without a patch
however 2.15 is out and is the most recent binutils release and
should be OK.



Chris McCraw wrote:
> easy is relative;  i had no success building such a
> compiler as recently as gcc 3.3.4 and gcc 3.4.1 using
> gnu binutils >= v 2.14.  what ended up working is
> gcc 3.4.3 (latest) and binutils 2.13 (kinda old).
> however, that combination has been golden for building
> complex things like kde and python which were problematic
> before.

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