[kde-solaris] KURLRequester problem on Solaris 2.6

Michael Lambrellis michael.lambrellis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 04:31:12 CET 2005


I have successfully compiled kdelibs and kdebase 3.3.2 using gcc 3.4.3 
and binutils 2.15 on Solaris 2.6. KDE starts OK, and things seem to run 
but I have noted the following bizarre behaviour which I am at a loss 
to explain and am not sure where to go next.

When running any application that contains a KURLRequester or 
KURLComboRequester widget, if I click in the widget and start typing, 
the application will crash on (what seems like) the first keystroke. I 
didn't build my kde with debug flags so I get no useful info from the 
crash. I have checked the diff between 
kdelibs/kio/kfile/kurlrequester.h/.cpp between 3.2.3 (which I have and 
which runs OK) and 3.3.2 and I can't see anything significant.

It seems restricted to those two widgets, when I create a test form in 
QT designer with heaps of kde widgets, those two consistently cause 
designer to crash. Note that the crash only occurs if I try and type in 
the widget, if I click on the file-dialog button to select an url that 
way, the widget seems to work fine.

Has anyone else encountered this behaviour? Does anyone have any 
recommendations? (other than go back to 3.2.3)?

Thanks in advance.


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