[kde-solaris] KDE 3.4.3 IA32/AMD32 and UltraSPARC-II Released

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Mon Dec 19 07:13:22 CET 2005


I am very happy to let everyone know that KDE 3.4.3 for Solaris 10,
IA32/AMD32 (Pentium 4 mmx/mmx2/sse/sse2), and UltraSPARC-II, built
with the Sun Studio 10 compilers, is now available for download from
your favorite mirror. The mirrors could take anywhere from 4 to 12
hours to sync.

The SPARC packages are built for UltraSPARC-II (v8plusa).
The AMD32/IA32 packages are built for Pentium 4 (mmx/mmx2/sse/sse2).

The Compiler Specifications are:

1. IA32/AMD32:
cc: Sun C 5.7 Patch 117837-06 2005/10/05
CC: Sun C++ 5.7 Patch 117831-04 2005/09/14

2. UltraSPARC-II:
cc: Sun C 5.7 Patch 117836-04 2005/07/19
CC: Sun C++ 5.7 Patch 117830-04 2005/09/14

Screenshots are available at


Detailed installation instructions are available, especially pertaining
to DVD device configuration and DVD playing.

In addition to the full KDE 3.4.3 release, the following additional
software packages are also available:

- Amarok 1.3.5
- K3B 0.12.3
- Superkaramba 0.37
- DigiKam 0.7.3 + all the required photo processing plugins
- Gwenview 1.2.0
- Scribus 1.3.1
- Kaffeine 0.7.1
- Kommander 1.60
- GTK-QT Style Engine 0.6
- Many additional styles (Qinx 1.4, Grover 1.1, Lipstik 1.3, Tiblit 1.2,
  OpenGL Crystal 0.9.4)
- KbFX 4.7.3
- KCometen 1.0 OpenGL Screensaver
- 3dDesktop 0.2.8 (IA32/AMD32 only)
- KDE Accessibility (Text-To-Speech Synthesis) via KSayIt and FreeTTS

Caveat: Kommander has a hard dependency on kjsembed, which is part of
kdebindings. I strongly recommend installing *all* the KDE packages.

In addition, you also get full builds of Transcode, which were required
for K3B, as well as openquicktime and avifile, which were required by Xine.
You also get a nicely working build of Blender 2.36 (you can see Blender
rendered graphics on the KDE Screenshots page mentioned above).

Xine is library version 1.1.0 (engine) and 0.9.4 (front-end).

K3B is considered Experimental. I ran out of time testing, and i would
greatly appreciate any input from you, if you would be so kind and help
with testing. I do not consider K3B finished by any means, it is just a

DVD playing is now available on Solaris with Xine and/or Kaffeine:

1. X86: i recommend using the Xine xv driver / XVideo extension. Performance
is excellent, and CPU usage is very low. I was able to play a DVD, while
compiling, on my Opteron box, and i did not notice any difference.
2. UltraSPARC: you need a decent video card, at least Elite 3DM3. i have
gotten good (not outstanding) performance with an Elite 3DM6 and the xshm
driver (no dropped frames, and no jumpiness). I have not tested the other
Sun video card drivers. They may or may not work. The OpenGL driver works
as well, but is too expensive, since it is not hardware accelerated. On my
Blade 2000, it completely took over one of the CPU's. For comparison's sake:
on my Blade 2000, with 2 x 900Mhz UltraSPARC-III, Xine takes over one CPU at
48%, with the xshm driver. On my Opteron box, Xine needs about 8% CPU with
the xv driver. 

Please read the installation and configuration instructions for DVD devices.

Also, please keep in mind that, the IA32/AMD32 build of KDE assumes you
have a nVIDIA card with enough memory and GPU power, and that you have
installed the nVidia Solaris drivers. This nice hardware acceleration will
only work with nVIDIA cards, and most likely, this build of KDE will not
even work at all on any other types of video cards.

The DVD screenshots were taken on my build machines (Sun Blade 2000 and a
home-built 2-way Opteron box), running Solaris 10 03/05 with patches.

The screenshots also show a Scribus document which was saved as a PDF, and 
then subsequently opened with KPDF. KDPF's rendering speed is outstanding,
and it also supports on-screen presentation features and effects. There are
many more screenshots of various KDE applications (KPovModeler, Kate, Amarok,

As usual, please post here, or email me directly if you have any questions,
or run into any problems: stefan<dot>teleman<at>gmail<dot>com.

Please make sure that your systems are patched up-to-date, to the extent
that's possible.

I have also included my old installation instructions. They are still valid,
in case you have never installed KDE on your system before.

Please allow me 2 days to put together the source code patches. They will
be available for download as usual.

I would very much appreciate your input, especially if you run into any
problems (I hope not :-). I want to make KDE even better than it already is.

Have fun with KDE!!


Stefan Teleman          'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition'
steleman at nyc.rr.com                          -Monty Python

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