[kde-solaris] kde-3.4.3

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Thu Dec 8 05:37:52 CET 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 16:09, Stephen Fitch wrote:
> Better still when will 3.5 for Solaris (10 - please) be available...
> Thanks.
> Stephen
> On 12/7/05, Georg Vogel <georg.vogel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > hi,,
> >
> > when will kde-3.4.3 for solaris be released?

i am now doing the final build for 3.4.3. this means that at the end of next 
week i will have all the  packages available, after a final thorough testing 
on both platforms.

i apologize for having taken such a long with this release -- but i really 
wanted to provide new functionality which was not available before, and i 
also polished a lot of little bugs or features which were incomplete until 
now. tracking down these little details and coming up with a fix can 
sometimes be very time consuming. in addition to working Xine/Kaffeine 
(including OSD menus, subtitles and everything you would expect from a DVD 
player), a working build of K3B will also be included with 3.4.3. getting 
Xine and K3B working took a very long time and it involved rewriting quite a 
lot of very cryptic code (liba52dec, ffmpeg/avcodec and some of the thread 
concurrency scheduling in Xine and libdvd*'s, as well as the entire SCSI 
subsystem interface in K3B). in spite of being an industry standard, the 
Linux SCSI API is completely incompatible with the Solaris SCSI API. and the 
SCSI API for DVD drives/burners is very tricky.

after next week i will start work on 3.5. i have seen there are a lot of 
changes in the 3.5 code, so it will probably take me a month to get 3.5 fully 
working cleanly. fortunately, i will not have to re-release the big 
KDErequired package for 3.5, i will reuse the one from 3.4.3 which is in 
pretty good shape right now.

i realize that it's taken me very long to release 3.4.3, but i thought it 
would be better to build a release with significant improvements and fixes, 
rather than keep releasing the same things over and over again ...

thank you very much for your patience. 


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