[kde-solaris] Using XKB with Konsole ???

Ludwig, Shane sludwig at xo.com
Fri Aug 19 17:46:21 CEST 2005

Hello guys,

I am running KDE 3.4 on an Ultra 10 running Solaris 9.

After enabling xkb extensions, I have three problems.

1) I no longer have repeating keys at all.  This is quite annoying.

2) The other problem I have is with Konsole.

My environment LANG settings are as follows:


I am using a Type 5 kbd - US - PC layout.

kbd -l (borrowed from a Sol10 system) confirms this.

I installed the iso8859-15 fonts which include the euro symbol.  If the Konsole
Encoding setting is "Default" then it uses the iso8859-1 version of the font
(Courier 12).  This means that instead of the EuroSign, I get the currency
symbol when I press AltGr+4 or AltGr+5 or AltGr+E.

perl -e 'for$i(160..255){printf"%c%c",$i,($i%16==15)?10:32}'

also shows the currency symbol in position 164 as expected for an iso-8859-1

So far, so good.

If I set the Konsole Encoding to "Western European (iso-8859-15)", then the
font used is the iso-8859-15 version, and the perl command shows the EuroSign
symbol in position 164, as it should.  However, pressing AltGr+4, AltGr+5 or
AltGr+E now show a question mark (?) instead of the EuroSign.  Grrrrr !  The
same problem exists for other keys such as AltGr+| which under iso-8859-1 would
be a broken bar (and shows as such when Encoding is set to "Default") and
should show an S-caron in the iso-8859-15 font (which it does from the perl
output when Encoding is set to "Western European (iso-8859-15) but does not
when input from the keyboard).

Tests with xev launched from that Konsole window show EuroSign as being the
KeySym generated.  I also know the font is correct since the perl output shows

It is something particular to Konsole.  A dtterm launched as :

dtterm -fn "-adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--12-120-75-75-m-70-iso8859-15"

works fine.  AltGr+E, AltGr+4, AltGr+| all work as they should, displaying the
EuroSign, EuroSign, and Scaron respectively.  The same for xterm - works fine.

xmodmap -pk and xmodmap -pm display the same results, whichever encoding is
selected (which I pretty much expected).

So, what is it about selecting the "Western-European (iso-8859-15)" Encoding in
Konsole that "breaks" the keyboard so that AltGr no longer works ?

3) The numeric keypad no longer works at all in Konsole (or in Kcalc) but
does in dtterm and xterm and a few other apps.

Any ideas anyone ?

Surely with all of the international users out there, someone has gotten this
to work.


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