[kde-solaris] KDE 3.3.0 Solaris SPARC 8 and 9 [32-bit] preannouncement

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Wed Sep 8 22:01:28 CEST 2004

Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Hi.
> This is a small preannouncement. :-)
> I will start packaging KDE 3.3.0 32-bit for Solaris today. Getting 
> this done and uploading should take a couple of days at most.
> If you would like some i18-n packages built, please let me know. I 
> already know about kde-i18n-de. :-) Also, please let me know if you 
> have any other special requests. I will try my best.

Stefan,  as you are collecting whishes here is my 2 cents worth:

   In the KDE applet that configures the screen wallpaper there is two
   preconfigured  astronomical applications that can be run every five minutes
   and show the changing face of the earth as it rolls under the sun.

   Xglobe  and Xplanet


   combined with a nice HI-res  Earth-map from here :


   And a daily cloud download from here:


    You can really stop wasting you time looking at the
    weather forcasts  since you see the whole globe's
    weather almost in realtime.

  To me Xglobe and Xplanet is part of the KDE Experience.
  I would be nice if it could be included in the package.


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