[kde-solaris] Disabling the build of a component

Philippe Bourdeu d'Aguerre bda at aime.insa-tlse.fr
Mon Mar 29 14:23:18 CEST 2004

Le lundi 29 Mars 2004 13:31, Laurent Blume a écrit :
> Hello all,
> I've just got an easy question, but didn't find the answer on KDE.org.
> There is a way to disable building some components of a KDE package by
> setting a shell variable, something like 'export component_name=no'.
> I used to have that in a script, but lost the script, and don't remember
> the exact syntax.
> Can somebody remind me how to do it? Or point me to online documentation
> about it?
> My goal is to prevent kghostview from building, there is an error I don't
> understand, and I don't mind not having it.
export DO_NOT_COMPILE="kppp ktalkd kiten kandy kpilot kaphorism kit knewsticker"


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