[kde-solaris] swap space requirements [was: KDE 3.1.4 - Can'ttalk to klauncher]

Rolf Sponsel Rolf.Sponsel at kstr.lth.se
Mon Jan 26 16:34:08 CET 2004

Best Stefan,

I really don't want to argue with you, but
your experiences are different to mine, and
I cannot find any support for your "rule of
thumbs" in the Solaris documentation either. :-(

docs.sun.com: System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Have a look under the title "Planning for Swap Space".

Best Regards / Rolf

BTW, I'm running GNOME 2.2 on Solaris 7
      on a SPARCstation 5 with 128 MB and
      512 MB Disk Swap quite acceptable.
    ( the factor 4 here :-) accidentally
      corresponds to what you recommend
      mainly because I need that much when
      compiling H323 software ). -Not bad.

Stefan Teleman wrote:
> based on:
> 1. experience
> 2. a tendency of mine to grant more weight to factual, observed
> behavior, rather than to one or another particular online article.
> 3. another tendency of mine to accept the fact that OS's in general
> tend to do whatever they want to do, and swap the way they want to
> swap, regardless of what people think or hope they _should_ be doing.
> 4. when faced with a fairly trivial problem which has three possible
> solutions:
> 	a) shrink KDE
> 	b) rewrite the SunOS swapper
> 	c) increase swap
> i try to choose the most practical and easily implemented solution (c).
> :-)
> --Stefan
> -----
> Rolf Sponsel wrote:
>>What do you base that "rule of thumb" on?
>>This sounds to me, like an old SunOS myth, and
>>is not in accordance with, e.g. this article.
>>Best Regards / Rolf
>>Stefan Teleman wrote:
>>>The rule of thumb for determining the minimal amount of swap space is:
>>>at least 3 times core RAM.
>>>That means, for a workstation with 640MB core RAM you need _AT LEAST_
>>>1920MB swap. which you can probably safely round up to 2048MB.
>>>Running out of swap on 640MB core with 1GB swap is not surprising at
>>>On Monday, January 26, 2004, Michael Szengel wrote:
>>>[ ... snip ... ]
>>>>For your reference:  my Sun Blade 100 has 640 MB RAM and had 1 GB swap. I
>>>>had to extend the swap by 500 MB in order to survive the days without the
>>>>error message you mentioned.
>>Rolf Sponsel


Rolf Sponsel


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