[kde-solaris] LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings in 3.1.4

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Tue Jan 20 13:50:06 CET 2004

Stefan Teleman's packages were all compiled with Forte and its shared libraries
don't mix well with gcc .so's. Most of my other software installed was compiled
with gcc, so this introduces some LD_LIBRARY_PATH headaches. I read somehwere
that kde can run without LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting, but this is not entirely
true for the 3.1.4 packages. I went through all binaries and .so files
in /opt/kde-3.1.4, opt/qt-3.2.2-32, and /opt/fsw4sun, unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH
and used "ldd" to see which dependencies it could not resolve. For example:

csh> ldd /opt/kde-3.1.4/bin/cupsdconf
        libCrun.so.1 =>  /lib/libCrun.so.1
        libcups.so =>    (file not found)

shows one such case. I attached the complete list of objects, libraries not
found, and their paths, for those interested in the details.

To make a long story short, you can probably replace the huge LD_LIBRARY_PATH
setting in startkde with this minimal version, which lists all directories I


How do others handle the problems between Forte/gcc? For now, I just unset
the library path inside the shells that run in my consoles, so that I can
start my own applications. For gcc applications started from KDE menus I
can probably write a wrapper script that resets the library paths before
invoking the real thing, or is there a better solution? The real problem
is that LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings override anything stored in the object's
run path (isn't that a bit silly?).

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Listed are the dynamically linked files (binaries and .so's), the libraries
not found without a library path settings, and the directory in which these
libraries live; these are the directoires one has to add to the library
path to make the linker happy.

directory/file		library		path


cupsdconf		libcups.so	/opt/fsw4sun/cups-1.1.19/lib
cupsdoprint		libcups.so
krdc			libslp.so.1	/opt/fsw4sun/openslp-1.0.11/lib
krfb			libslp.so.1


libcupsdconf.so		libcups.so
kde3/kcm_fonts.so	libfreetype.so.6 /opt/fsw4sun/freetype-2.1.3/lib
kde3/kcm_krfb.so	libslp.so.1
kde3/kded_kinetd.so	libslp.so.1
kde3/kdeprint_cups.so	libcups.so


libpq.so		libssl.so.0.9.6
libqsqlpsql.so		libssl.so.0.9.6


ssl/lib/libssl.so		libcrypto.so.1
openslp-1.0.11/lib/libslp.so	libcrypto.so.1
lib/xmms/Input/libsmpeg_xmms.so	libgdk-1.2.so.0		/opt/fsw4sun/gtk+-1.2.10/lib
lib/xmms/Output/libartsout.so	libartsc.so.0		/opt/kde-3.1.4/lib
lib/xine/plugins/1.0.0/xineplug_vo_out_opengl.so	libglut.so.3.6.0	/opt/fsw4sun/glut-3.6/lib
lib/vhook/drawtext.so		libfreetype.so.6
lib/python2.2/lib-dynload/_socketmodule.so		libssl.so.1
lib/libodbcinstQ.so		libqt-mt.so.3
lib/libfontconfig.so		libfreetype.so.6
lib/libcurl.so			libssl.so.1

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