[kde-solaris] packages for additional languages

André Schneider Andre.Schneider at eas.iis.fhg.de
Mon Jan 12 09:23:54 CET 2004


First of all: Thank you Stefan for compiling and tuning
the KDE Solaris packages! We have a great benefit of this
work. In the next weeks we will migrate our 40
Sun Ultra's and our Terminal Server for 40 Ray stations
to KDE 3.1.4. On our test workstations most of the KDE programs
are working very stable. It looks great and performance is
very good.

My question is how can I add languages from the
i18n packages? Are there any precompiled packages?
(Is a compilation step needed for the packages? -
As I've seen it is needed - but currently we have
no Forte 8 compilers in our Institute.)

I'm interested in the german language packs (de or de_DE).
Can anybody help me?

Greetings from Dresden,


André Schneider

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
Branch Lab Design Automation

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