[kde-solaris] Failed to accept ICE connection

Richard kdesolaris at nergenshuizen.nl
Mon Feb 16 18:50:46 CET 2004


> > > /tmp/.ICE-unix
> > This one was 775, no sticky bit. I've corrected that.
> Oopsie, that would do it. :-)
Ok. That's nice. 

> I wrote a small utility (can't really call it a program) named
> 'kchmod' which should take care of setting the correct permissions
> for these 3 directories at KDE startup. It lives in
> /opt/kde-3.1.4/bin/kchmod and needs to have permissions 4755.
Right. I'll check tomorrow when I'm back at work, see what's up with 
that one.

Thanks for the help,

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