[kde-solaris] problems building 3.2.0

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Sat Feb 7 06:45:21 CET 2004

You might want to check the Makefile as well, and if -z text is 
defined in there as well, replace it with -z defs. You might also 
have to do a gmake clean at the top of the khtml directory and then 
recompile/rebuild that entire directory from scratch.

You probably want to remove all '-z text' linker arguments from all 
the Makefiles, and from all the *.la files (this -z text has most 
likely been written to *.la files as well). -z text used to be the 
old SVR4 linker argument for disallowing undefined symbols in shared 
libraries, but the SunOS linker takes -z defs for that purpose.

find . -type f -name "Makefile" - print > ./MakefileList
foreach i ( `cat ./MakefileList` )
	echo "Processing $i ... "
	sed -e 's#-z text#-z defs#g' $i > /tmp/foo
	cp -fp /tmp/foo $i

Yes, editing libtool before running gmake is the right thing to do.

The errors you are getting are not undefined symbols errors, they are 
text relocation errors. -z text causes fatal errors when text 
relocations remain in the shared object against non-writeable 
sections of the text segments.

Using the SunOS linker is the right thing to do on SunOS. :-)

Let me know.



On Friday 06 February 2004 08:50, Rob Fisher wrote:
> > in libtool, replace ' -z text' with ' -z defs'.
> Thanks for responding Stefan, though I found making this change did
> not make any difference to my compilation problem. I still get the
> unresolved symbol problems I had before.
> I edited the libtool script generated by configure, in the
> kdelibs-3.2.0 directory before running gmake. Was that the right
> thing to do? If it's a linker problem, does it matter that I'm
> using Solaris's own ld rather than gnu ld?
> thanks
> Rob

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