[kde-solaris] audio output device selection

Erick Cedillos shinma71 at pacbell.net
Sat Dec 25 01:33:33 CET 2004

You're going to have to use the Solaris audio control and set it there.  The
drawback is that you have to do it everytime the system is rebooted since
the setting is not saved.

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Subject: [kde-solaris] audio output device selection

> How do I re-direct audio output to my headphones rather than to the
> system speaker in KDE?    In CDE there's an audio control window that
> let's you select Output Device-> Headphones  (and unselect the speaker)
> but there doesn't seem to be a similar simple option with KDE  (Control
> Center-> Sound & Multimedia -> Sound System -> Hardware ->  then what???)
> Thanks,
> Scott
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