[kde-solaris] LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Fri Dec 10 00:56:11 CET 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 09:03, Philippe Bourdeu d'Aguerre wrote:
> I have only trouble with
> cupsdoprint which needs a wrapper:
> # ldd /opt/kde-3.3.1/bin/cupsdoprint.exe
>         libCrun.so.1 =>  /usr/lib/libCrun.so.1
>         libCstd.so.1 =>  /usr/lib/libCstd.so.1
>         libcups.so =>    /net/limoux/dsk1/local/lib/libcups.so
>         libssl.so.1 =>   (file not found)
>         libcrypto.so.1 =>        (file not found)

I can patch this -- i will have a patch for cupsdoprint this week.

> Another small problem (not related), konqueror crashes when I
> right-click on a bookmark to change properties.

Have to look at this too. Thank you for letting me know.


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