[kde-solaris] SAMBA 3.0.9, an additional very small package and some troubleshooting tips

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Thu Dec 9 13:43:48 CET 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 04:44, Roman Maeder wrote:
> wow! finally some layouts. However, the Sun keyboards are not
> listed in the popup menu "Keyboard model" in the Keyboard layout
> config module, even though the Sun keyboards seem to be present in
> the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb directory tree (KDE 3.3.1 on Solaris 8).

This is the next big mystery i am trying to solve. The sun keyboard 
layouts seem incomplete -- i don't see any entries for type6 
keyboards either in /usr/X11R6 or /usr/openwin. I'll play with the 
entries from Solaris 9 (on Solaris 8) and see if that yields any 

> Thanks for finally solving the autorepeat
> mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had always used the "r" switch for X,
> but not the -ar1 500 -ar2 100 ones, because the Xsun man page says
> that these two have defaults. Isn't this a bug?

Yes it is a bug. It's a matter of debate whether the bug is in Xsun or 
in the man page. :-)

> also "-x xrender" doesn't do anything. I still don't have the
> Xrender extension listed with xdpyinfo. What do I need to enable
> it?

Xrender doesn't exist on Solaris 8. So in this case, the -x xrender 
option is just ignored. Xrender only became available in Xsun in 
Solaris 9, and as far as i know only certain video cards support it.


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