[kde-solaris] Cannot build kde 3.3/aRTs on solaris 8/SPARC

Christopher Layne clayne at anodized.com
Fri Aug 20 10:22:58 CEST 2004

Yes, this is the correct way. Forgot to mention that :).

BTW: There is atleast one other module within kdelibs or kdebase
that needs this.

I can't remember which though.

Kdevelop too.


> ------- Additional Comment #5 From Thiago Macieira 2004-08-17 01:17
> -------
> Remember when I said that the visibility flag shouldn't be causing
> the build failure? Well, I think it does.
> Here's why: even though in the Solaris arch gcc is unable to tell
> the linker the visibility attribute for a symbol, it is generating
> code that is invalid.
> So, I recommend you edit kdelibs/kdecore/kdemacros.h and change
> KDE_NO_EXPORT to nothing. See if that fixes the problem.
> It does seem to me, however, that this is a gcc bug.
> ----------------

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