[kde-solaris] Memory usage

M Hawkins Mike.Hawkins at awe.co.uk
Fri Aug 6 12:54:07 CEST 2004

	I have compiled Stefan's version of KDE 3.2.2 using his runconfig
and workshop settings files. But I am worried by the memory usage and was
wondering if people where seeing the same.  For 3.2.2 swap -s shows

total: 77592k bytes allocated + 251128k reserved = 328720k used, 100392k
this is for a basic default kde session, with only one konsole running and
no mail

compare this to kde 3.1.1 built with gcc

total: 112648k bytes allocated + 65584K reserved = 178232k used, 510872k

this is for a big session with mozilla, mail and editors running.  The
machines are pretty much identical with 256MB of memory except the second
one has 512MB of swap configured.

Am I the only one seeing this massive increase ?  I have to find a way
around this because at the moment I can only run about 5 konsoles and mail
before things start falling apart.



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