[kde-solaris] customized cups and KDE ???

Jan Van Belle Jan.Van_Belle at advalvas.be
Mon Apr 26 08:33:48 CEST 2004

        Hello all,

        I wonder if it could be possible to use CUPS with KDE. I know it is
compiled in KDELIBS, but that one uses the predefined port 631. Since I am
not root on my system, I found the solution a while ago to use port 8631
(or any port above 1000). It actually works (I can print a testpage, I can
use the web-interface to configure the printers) but not with KDE.

I already tried to modify the port in the KDELIBS sources, but that gave no
result (I modified the string 631 to 8631 in all cpp files, not in the
cupsd.conf.template files).

Any idea how to do this? Since I am not root, I also have a custom
installation dir for it
--> /mydir/printing/...         (for cups)
--> /mydir/kde/v3.2.x/...       (for KDE)

Kind regards,


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