[kde-solaris] Help with /tmp/.ICE-unix relocation (non-root)

Eric Hattemer hattenator at imapmail.org
Fri Sep 19 12:41:09 CEST 2003

So I installed KDE 3.1.1a on a solaris machine that I don't have root 
access too.  It took a bunch of work, but it works great now...  If you 
log into it before someone else has a /tmp/.ICE-unix dir on the system.  
Something else (Xsun maybe) creates that dir 775 when a user first logs 
in.  That keeps any other users from being able to log into kde (more 
specifically start dcopserver) because it tries to make sockets in that 
directory.  I've read that is a known bug in solaris, and other people 
have written that they do things like set root cronjobs to maintain the 
permissions of that directory.  Obviously I can't do that.  So most 
likely, I am looking for either an environmental variable that puts the 
dcop sockets in another directory, or a relatively easy way to modify 
the source to pick another directory.

By the way, is kde-nonlinux mailing list dead?

-Eric Hattemer

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