[kde-solaris] Anti-aliasing

Rob Fisher lists at chegnet.force9.net
Thu Sep 18 12:40:23 CEST 2003

I wondered how much success you'd all had with anitaliasing. I've built the 
whole Xft/fontconfig package, told QT to support it, and suddenly everything 
is anti-aliased. The problem is, I can't control it.

All my fonts are antialiased, regardless of the settings I have in the control 
centre, and my fixed-width fonts go totally screwy (really wide spacing). I 
found a tutorial here (http://dot.kde.org/989808269/) which looked promising, 
but nothing in it has any effect on my system.

I can turn anti-aliasing off altogether by editing my qtrc, but that's not 
what I want - most icon sets look terrible that way. I want big fonts (say > 
18pt) and icons antialiased.

Anybody had similar problems?


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