[kde-solaris] Same KDE 3.1 Screen lock problem

Gene Siepka gsie44 at tsg.cbot.com
Wed Oct 29 08:43:51 CET 2003

Well that sucks... Especially since this came on a CD, in the latest Solaris 9 
bundle. I didn't compile anything, just ran the installer from the CD. 

I tried turning off the setuid bit for kcheckpass, still no dice. 
I also copied over the kcheckpass binary from an older version of KDE (2.2 I 
think, it came with the first Solaris 9 release) still nothing...

What does work, is removing the screen lock icon from the kicker bar... 
Creating your own icon, and pointing it to /usr/openwin/bin/xlock   :) 
Kind of a crappy work around, but better than every time you lock your 
desktop, having to ssh in from you pc and killing the kdesktop-lock process.


On Friday 24 October 2003 05:11 pm, Aaron Williams wrote:
> I found several problems when I attempted to use kcheckpass on Solaris.
> 1. I had to compile with PAM disabled.
> 2. I had to turn off the setuid bit for kcheckpass (chmod -s kcheckpass)
> This solved the problem in our environment, which uses NIS for passwords.
> -Aaron
> Gene Siepka wrote:
> >Hey kids... I just installed KDE from the Software Companion CD that came
> > in the Sol 9 08/03 dist.   Same thing is happening to me.
> >
> >I've been looking this up for the past 2 hours... I've seen posts about
> >differences between NIS domainnames and DNS domainnames...
> >Ours are the same   tsg.cbot.com...
> >
> >One thing I saw recommended trying to run kcheckpass from the shell
> > prompt. To see what happens...
> >When I do, it prompts me for my password,<clickety click click>
> >128 (/home/gsie44) shasta :]> kcheckpass
> >Password:
> >authentication failure for user gsie44 [uid 2358]
> >
> >I hope someone can figure this out... I'd be happy to try something if any
> > of you fruitcakes have any ideas!
> >
> >:)
> >
> >Thanks
> >Gene R. Siepka
> >
> >
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