[kde-solaris] Undefined members in Solaris' termios

James F.Hranicky jfh at cise.ufl.edu
Thu Nov 27 04:44:06 CET 2003

OS: 		Sol8
Compiler:	g++ 3.3.2
QT version:	qt 3.2.3
KDE version:	CVS/2003-11-25

Patch to fix undefined members in Solaris' termios:

lx200driver.c: In function `openPort':
lx200driver.c:958: error: structure has no member named `c_ispeed'
lx200driver.c:959: error: structure has no member named `c_ospeed'


*** kstars/kstars/indi/lx200driver.c.orig       Wed Nov 26 22:38:03 2003
--- kstars/kstars/indi/lx200driver.c    Wed Nov 26 22:38:24 2003
*** 955,962 ****
--- 955,964 ----
     ttyOptions.c_cflag &= ~PARENB;
     /* set baud rate */
+ #ifndef USE_SOLARIS
     ttyOptions.c_ispeed = B9600;
     ttyOptions.c_ospeed = B9600;
+ #endif
    /* set input/output flags */
    ttyOptions.c_iflag = IGNBRK;

Also, I had to add -lsocket -lnsl to the indiserver link line:

  /bin/bash ../../../libtool --silent --mode=link gcc  -g3 -fno-inline  -g -mcpu=v8
  -mtune=ultrasparc  -L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -o indiserver  indiserver.o 
  liblilxml.a -lsocket -lnsl

though that may have been a problem with configure on my system.


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