[kde-solaris] solarisonintel AT yahoogroups.com

Bruce Riddle briddle at riddleware.com
Tue Nov 4 04:08:22 CET 2003

First I apologize for any inconvencience this email may bring.
If you no longer have an interest in Solaris x86 please disregard
this message.

On October 31, 2003 the solarisonintel at yahoogroups.com was
made into an announce only list.  Over 3200 members can no
longer see the archives or make new posts, share files or act as
a community.  I ask of you as a community to take action and ask
yahoo to give us back our group.

I am asking all of you a favor.  Please write to
<mailto:groups-abuse at yahoo-inc.com> as soon as possible.
Or visit the yahoo form:

For consistensy please include the following in the body.

Subject:  Solarisonintel group

The solarisonintel group on yahoo has been intentionaly
turned off (abused) by the owner.  We wish that 1 of 2 actions
take place as quickly as possible.

1) Transfer ownership of the group the Bruce Riddle
    yahoo ID bkr780.  Who has been a moderator of that group
    for many years.

2) Transfer all of the archives and the current members
    (in other words rename the list) to the "solarisx86" group
    which Bruce Riddle has already created.  Any posts existing
    in the solarisx86 group can be overwritten or destroyed.

I have written to yahoo already and have posted their response
to the new group:

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Bruce Riddle

P.S.  Talk to your fellow SolarisX86 friends to see if they
received this notice.  If they have not received this notice in a resonable 
amount of time, please forward it on to them.

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