[kde-solaris] REPOST-> KDE 3.0.5 - Solaris 9 - Themes Problem!

Mike Stok jstok at qwest.net
Thu May 29 17:32:56 CEST 2003

I am looking for some help...I have recently install kde 3.0.5 rpms,
found at  http://sunrpms.maraudingpirates.org/ and have sucessfully
installed them.  Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT for the
theme manager.  When I open up the Theme Manager and try selecting a
differnet theme (even one of the included defaults) I get the following

        "Sorry - KDE Control Module
        Theme contents could not be extracted from

We have tried everything...the destination diredtory "Work" does not
exist, and when created manually, it gets deleted, once this error

I have searched the web-over and found nothing about this...thinking
that it is not a KDE source error, but something related to the RPMs
that I used.

Also a co-worker installed the same stuff that I did and he is also
having this problem...


jstok at qwest.net

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