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Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Mon May 5 20:02:54 CEST 2003

Hi, I did experience similar problems with JPG's  not displaying.....

   At one point in time I had  libjpeg.so  libraries in
  /usr/local/lib /usr/sfw/lib /opt/sfw/lib /usr/gnome/lib

Probably different versions as well,
First I deleted  the JPG libs that comes on the SUN Freeware companinon CD
and the leftovers from the GNOME BETAS. and GNOME 1.4 release.

Then I installed the latest JPEG6B  from source into /usr/local/lib.

I also Have the GNOME2 FCS packages installed  which  puts a libjpeg.so.62
in /usr/sfw/lib also  the JPEG6B release.

The funny thing is that KDE configurescripts looks for  -ljpeg6b  but
when you install JPEG-6B from source it creates libjpeg.so.62

So you have JPEG-6B installed but KDE is too linux friendly to realise.

If you clean up your libjpeg's  so that the compileprocess and the
runtime-linker finds the same libraries you'll be in better shape I think,


Sean Wilcox wrote:
> Updated several patches including the Java patches on a Solaris 8 system.
> When I restarted KDE 3.1 I noticed that I could not use jpg wallpapers 
> (or any format for that matter).  kcontrol is giving the following error 
> when selecting the the wallpaper for preview :
> kio (KDirListerCache): [void KDirListerCache::slotEntries(KIO::Job*, 
> const KIO::UDSEntryList&)] new entries for 
> file:/opt/gnome/kde/share/wallpapers
> kio (KDirListerCache): [void KDirListerCache::slotResult(KIO::Job*)] 
> finished listing file:/opt/gnome/kde/share/wallpapers
> kio (KTrader): KServiceTypeProfile::offers( ThumbCreator, )
> kio (KTrader): Returning 8 offers
> kio (KIOJob): stat 
> file:/opt/gnome/kde/share/wallpapers/bluegreencrisscross.jpg
> kio (KIOJob): error 4 Cannot create thumbnail for 
> /opt/gnome/kde/share/wallpapers/bluegreencrisscross.jpg
> I have recompiled qt, and all kde packages (updating to 3.1.1a) and 
> still see the same problem.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Sean
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Lars Tunkrans

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