[kde-solaris] locale problem

Matthew Day matthew at promonet.com.au
Sun May 4 10:37:46 CEST 2003

i finally got around to installing Stefens kde3.1 pkgs on a sb100, and it
seems to have developed a few problems..

1) locale is messed up in KDE it reverts to C standard and not en_US? yet
the AU/US locales are in /usr/lib/locale, ideas??
2) CDE is dead, errors with "DT Messaging System could not be started"
3) Kmail is messed up can't read email messages, text is just screwed will
put that down to the locale problem..
4) kde's internal links, like home on the desktop don't work.. (konqueror
5)opera seems to have become a tad unstable.

they all the problems i've found.. ideas?


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