[kde-solaris] Memory leak in KDe 3.1?

Antonio Prioglio kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Sat Mar 29 20:00:07 2003

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:

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> On Saturday 22 March 2003 04:38 am, LeBar, Russell J wrote:
> > Using my previously posted memstat.pl tool I have noticed that KDE sessions
> > appear to be slowly consuming resources after the user does something. I
> > have a test user account that I've just left there doing nothing and no
> > memory increase occurs. However, as soon as I do something such as bringing
> > up a konsole and then exiting it results in a slight permanent increase in
> > memory. As best I can tell just about anything you do will have this net
> > effect.
> Do you have more information on this?  Like what app?  Are you getting 
> confused with normal cacheing of resources? This can happen on linux quite a 
> bit. 
> Do you have a way to detect what app is leaking so we can profile the code 
> more closely?

I experience the same problem each time the screensaver starts.

I just use the Memory Information from the Control Center as the available 
memory decreses until it bombs KDE.

This is on a SS20/Sol8/304MB machine KDE 3.1 from the frog. 

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