[kde-solaris] How to get AA fonts on Solaris without native XRender ...

Joseph Mesterhazy kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Tue Mar 25 21:38:00 2003

I was able to get this working, however I had to use fontconfig-2.1.92 because 
the older release segfaulted. I do have a couple questions/comments: 

The anti-aliasing is inconsistant. If you right-click on the desktop, and the 
popup menu comes up, the fonts are AA. However once you mouse-over a menu 
item, they go back to being non-AA, except for the menu item that is 
highlighted. I also notice a lot of flickering/redraw. 

Another strange thing, the half of the icons in the konqueror toolbar 
disappear when AA fonts are enabled. If I disable them (in .qtrc) the icons 

Is this 'normal' behavior from being bleeding edge, or do I have a bad build 
of KDE? I am also seeing weird things like form inputs not being displayed in 
konqueror and the dashed-multi-selection box not appearing when selecting 
icons on the desktop. 

(Solaris9/GCC 2.95.3/KDE 3.1.1) 


On Friday 07 February 2003 04:57 am, Devendra Deshpande wrote:
> Hi,
> I managed to get AA fonts working with Qt (I used qt-copy from KDE cvs,
> but I suppose Qt-3.1.1 will also work).
> Here's what you need to do if you want Anti-aliased fonts, but with the
> standard Sun Xserver (my configuration: Solaris 2.7, Ultra10, Gcc-3.1,
> binutils).
> Get Freetype2 (http://www.freetype.org)
> Get Xft2 (http://www.fontconfig.org)
> You will need to compile XRender, fontconfig and Xft (compile and
> install Freetype first). Make sure the PREFIX/bin of freetype/fcpackage
> is in path. Note that xrender will want to install stuff in system
> directories, so you should be root while installing XRender.
> Now config Qt with -xft -xrender. Check qapplication_x11.cpp in
> src/kernel, it may have:
> bool   qt_use_xrender  = FALSE;
> change it to TRUE (although the server does not have XRender extension,
> Xft can work with core protocol, albeit a bit slower).
> Compile/install Qt.
> Get a  bunch of decent fonts (http://www.fontconfig.org has microsoft
> webfonts, get them and install them [1]). BTW there are a bunch of
> TrueType fonts in /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts too.
> Run fc-cache (from fontconfig's bin) as root for all the font
> directories, including the /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/* ...
> Make sure ~/.qt/qtrc has:
> enableXft=true
> useXft=true
> Alternatively, you may change that from Control Center.
> Try running Qt/KDE applications :-)
> Thanks,
> Devendra
> [1] Check http://trolls.troll.no/lars/fonts/qt-fonts-HOWTO.html, it has
>     excellent information about finding fonts, configuring them and so
>     on. Of particular interest is the bit about cabextract and
>     ttmkfontdir (not on my solaris box). I used ttmkfdir from a Linux
>     box on the network to process my font directories.
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