[kde-solaris] Memory leak in KDe 3.1?

LeBar, Russell J kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Mar 21 21:40:00 2003

Using my previously posted memstat.pl tool I have noticed that KDE sessions
appear to be slowly consuming resources after the user does something. I
have a test user account that I've just left there doing nothing and no
memory increase occurs. However, as soon as I do something such as bringing
up a konsole and then exiting it results in a slight permanent increase in
memory. As best I can tell just about anything you do will have this net

Is this really a memory leak or am I catching e.g. part of the file cache
(since the stack, heap, and "anon" are included in the calculation)? Has
anyone else observed something similar? Using my tool and kompare it looks
like usually just the heap is increasing in size.
If this was a single-user workstation I would not be too concerned but I was
hoping to run this on our Sun Ray servers (about 70 users, 2/3 on one server
and 1.3 on the other).


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