[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1 Memory Usage

Torsten Kasch kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Thu Mar 13 10:06:00 2003


On Thursday 13 March 2003 09:39, Philippe Bourdeu d'Aguerre wrote:
> On Mercredi 12 Mars 2003 14:36, Gerhard Franke wrote:
> > /usr/ucb/ps -axw
> It doesn't work for me, it gives also "kdeinit +kcminit +knotify". But
> looking further, I see that it depends of application and how it is
> started. Kmail, for exemple, is always named "kmail" but konsole (or kcal=
> started by the K menu are seen as "kdeinit +kcminit +knotify" but started
> in a shell are seen as konsole (or kcalc).
> On Linux, it's similar but a konsole started by menu is seen as
> "kdeinit:konsole"

If I understand things correctly, this has to do how process information ar=
managed in the kernel: they are kept in a separate "address space" to which=
the process has no access once it is running (the only time this is possibl=
is during startup via the appropriate parameter to one of the exec(2) syste=
calls). Therefore, the process cannot alter its name that is displayed with=
ps/top/whatever (there's no "setproctitle()" or aequivalent in Solaris righ=

As you noted, the difference lies in the way an application is started: It =
my understanding that (in order to increase startup speed by eliminating th=
dynamic link phase) some KDE applications can be started by asking the=20
initial "kdeinit" process to fork(2) off a child instead of running the=20
binary directly; konqueror is an example for the first case (check the=20
"Exec=3D" line in the konqueror.desktop file) whereas "kmail" ist started a=
s an=20
"ordinary binary" which is why only in this case there is displayed a usefu=
"process name" on Solaris systems.

Hope this helps,


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