[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1.2 packages

Hansjoerg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Thu Jun 26 14:03:13 CEST 2003


"abc" works at my machine with your KDE from yesterday. :-)
I have testes it with kate and konsole.
Sound doesn't work.
I have been testimg serveral settings.
With 8 BIT and /dev/audio I can hear the sound of opening the divice at 
startup, but nothing else.
Sound with KDE 2.2.1 works on th same machine.

The problem with https and konqueror still exists.

Thank you


Bob Meader wrote:

>Now I am confused because when I use
>ANY kde application and type 'abc'
>I only see 'ac'.
>Now as to sound... First I don't
>have any sound card in my machine to
>test with . I built the audio to support
>only sun audio device such as /dev/audioctl
>(only headers I have ) and disabled "esd".
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>first of all the good news.
>"b" is working with the new packages.
>some minor issues (like reported yesterday)
>-I am unable to cennect to a https page
>-ksysguard only works , if I specify /opt/kde/bin/ksysguardd as command
>-sound is not working (at KDE start up on KDE2 there was the KDE sound)
>Thank you very much.
>Bob Meader wrote:
>>I just put up some new KDE 3.1.2 64 bit packages
>>at ftp://guiduck.com/incoming/kde/solaris/3.1.2 .
>>The problem is I don't know if I don't have a serious
>>embedded in the packages or not.  The problem is
>>now I can't enter a 'b' from the keyboard into any
>>The odd thing is after I unistalled these packages
>>and reinstalled the PRIOR packages I get the same
>>problem. I am referreing to the prior packages
>>I placed here several weeks back.
>>Now I assume someone would have noticed this before
>>and complained, so would someone who was using the
>>prior version,download and retry?
>>You will notice the packaging is changed now.
>>KDEcore contains kdereq (support libraries),
>>QTfree,kdelibs and kdebase.  This plus
>>kdedtlogin stuff is minimum to get a working
>>KDE desktop.  KDEextra contains kdeadmin,kdeutil,
>>kdedevelop,kdeedu,kdesdk,kdedevelop and quanta.
>>Besure to unload old pacakges first before trying new.
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