[kde-solaris] KDE 3.1.2 packages

Bob Meader bob at cci.net
Wed Jun 25 10:16:22 CEST 2003

Did you from a running CDE session
to open a console window and try
to run startkde. You should only
have to add /opt/kde/bin to front
of path.

If you successfully removed old packages
you should have had no /opt/kde directory
and no /opt/qt312 directory.

You might try removing packages again,
followed deleting "/opt/kde" if necessary
before reinstalling packages.

The final item would be to 'clear' the
kde session. If you're logged in a root
clear /tmp and remove ".kde and .kderc"
from root home directory. If you properly
clear the session KDE will ask again
for country,language,desktop prefereces again.
If the wizards don't run you didn't clear something.

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Just tried to install the 64bit packages but the login process bombs out 
with ICE errors when you run /opt/kde/bin/startkde from a failsafe 
session (for debugging). When you try to run via the dt login screen the 
ksmserver comes up with a SIGTERM 11 crash window and returns to the dt 
logi menu.

Any ideas as to what I have done wrong? I did have a previous install 
but I thought I had removed all traces of it.

Many Thanks,
Philip Jackson.
University Of Sunderland.

Bob Meader wrote:

>I just put up some new KDE 3.1.2 64 bit packages
>at ftp://guiduck.com/incoming/kde/solaris/3.1.2 .
>The problem is I don't know if I don't have a serious
>embedded in the packages or not.  The problem is
>now I can't enter a 'b' from the keyboard into any
>The odd thing is after I unistalled these packages
>and reinstalled the PRIOR packages I get the same
>problem. I am referreing to the prior packages
>I placed here several weeks back.
>Now I assume someone would have noticed this before
>and complained, so would someone who was using the
>prior version,download and retry?
>You will notice the packaging is changed now.
>KDEcore contains kdereq (support libraries),
>QTfree,kdelibs and kdebase.  This plus
>kdedtlogin stuff is minimum to get a working
>KDE desktop.  KDEextra contains kdeadmin,kdeutil,
>kdedevelop,kdeedu,kdesdk,kdedevelop and quanta.
>Besure to unload old pacakges first before trying new.
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