[kde-solaris] Configure KOffice 1.3b2 failed

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Thu Jun 19 16:25:47 CEST 2003

Cyrill Ruettimann wrote:
> Hello,
> Some hints for the following problem?
> - configure runs, but at the end a error message I have no glue about it (... 
> mime types ...)
> - Solaris 9 12/02
> checking if we need to add mime types for KDE 3.1... ./configure: test: 
> unknown operator <

I think it can be a GNUism (ie, expecting /bin/sh to be bash, and not a 
dumb Bourne shell).
I've often had similar problem, because the 'test' command included in 
GNU bash (and needed by configure) is quite different from 
/usr/bin/test, which is the default on solaris.

A quick workaround, since you probably have bash installed on that 
version of Solaris, could be to simply run 'bash ./configure' to 
override the script's shell.

Hope this helps,


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